Who Owns The World's Largest Data Centers?
March 19, 2014

While some of the largest and most complex data centers belong to well-known internet giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon, there are even larger facilities owned by companies you may never have even heard of.

One common theme among all of these data center facility owners, is their drive to reduce operations and energy costs by implementing a variety of solutions such as reliance on renewable energy sources, and comprehensive data center operations solutions. 

Notable examples of these massive data centers include:

  • Switch’s SuperNAP data campus, located in the Nevada desert.  The compound is over 2.2M sq ft and is built in a location with virtually no risk to natural disasters.  One of their smaller facilities uses 2,000 tons of chilled water as an  alternative cooling method.

  •  The NSA Data Center of Utah.  This data center facility is over 1M sq ft and said to be large enough to store “yottabytes” and “zettabytes” of telecommunication and internet surveillance data.

  • The upcoming Range International Hub, located in the Hebei province of China. Starting in 2016, it will be home to 6.5M sq ft of data center infrastructure (nearly the same size as the U.S. Pentagon), that will play a pivotal role in cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

See more of the world’s largest data centers and some impressive statistics in the below infographic.

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